October 19, 2017 Announcement

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A friend called me up and said me "there is something that is so wonderful that I cannot event tell you about it. Just trust me, and come to a meeting." I went to the meeting. I was able to understand what was being presented in less than one hour. I got it. Others got it as well, because there was that sound that a group of people make when there is that shared light bulb moment that the group experiences.

My head was exploding with all the possibilities of how this could bring an end to needless financial suffering. It is beautiful in it's simplicity and magnificent in it's function.

After I got home I says to myself, "self since most of the people I know are not local and cannot possibly attend the Tuesday presentation. I need to find a video" So I went on a search and found a presentation that is just 3 minutes. (See Video 1 below) Wow!

13 Minute overview – shortest overview ever!

22nd overview about 10 minutes

There will be those who grasp this in just those 3 minutes and will be ready to jump in. Note: Andy from Thailand was on skype (on the big screen tv) that Tuesday evening and he was holding up his phone showing all of the signup's. He contacted 31 people and 11 registered for their free account. So from those 11 in just 3 months Andy had over 100,000 in his group. My hope is that no more of those 20 type peoples are left behind because there is nothing to sell, no required purchase, no monthly autoship! You are given a 10% referral reward on anyone who registers through you and decides to make a purchase. The 10% referral reward explained in a bit.

nothing to do

The next thing we did was to create this resource website. We created this so that you have a resource of information in one place that is easy to utilize. Now for some details as to why we got so excited...Here is what we learned...

How does a 40% return and 35% on referrals sound? Did you know that banks and financial instituitions get huge returns on their investments because they use the $$ you put in your account to trade in the markets, and then charge you interest on top of that. Here is the bottom line: Banking secrets revealed, i.e., allowing you to profit like financial instituitions! Keep reading and watching the videos below to learn how anyone can allevaite needless financial suffering. If you have all of the funding you need then this is not for you. Perhaps you know someone who needs financial help. Get them to this website now!

If you have been brought here through Healing Waves, LLC, www.bio-mats.com, www.divinedominoes.com, Linked In, H P Sox, Gringotts8 Facebook page then you are free to register for your Free Account here:

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This is a resource page for the team. Please get back to the person who referred you. Have them give you their link so you can register for your Free Account. Free is a very good price. Look around, kick the tires, learn, take it for test drive. Then get your contacts to this page to help them learn about this revolutionary technology that less than 5% of the world's population knows about. Do you have friends or family in other countries, continents? They can participate!

A few more details on what we learned...FYI: We attend every Tuesday meeting, to connect with the people and there is always someting new to learn or someone new to meet.

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A Revolution began after the 2008 Banking Crisis. Adding to that Crisis was the fact that the government bailed out the Banks with OUR Taxes. Did you receive any interest on that loan Bail Out? NO you did not! Two months later a Financial Revolution began. That revolution has led to this...

Excellent Overview of both choices, with Diagrams, and page notes. You might want to take your own notes. Very similar to our Tuesday evening meetings

$@j@$ "Bitmore Bits" $@j@$

Just get your friends and family to this site and they will decide for theirself what is best for them. That way you have given them the choice without being the messenger. We aren't even the messinger. We let the videos do the work. These video presenters offer the information freely. There is so much free stuff with this company that it is hard to choose not to participate.

For those of you who need more than a 3 minute overview (video #1) we have dug up more informaton from Andy and other sources that freely share the information which provides the languaging that you might need to grasp this financial revolution. After you educate yourself and still choose not to particiapte that is just fine with us. So for now do yourself a favor study as much as you need to. If it is not for you, you likely know someone who it is for. Let them know about this website. Maybe they will end up being your partner in this endeavor and you will have a buddy to share with. Maybe even start a weekly meeting like we have here in Vancouver, Wa. We are so fortunate, as in the other venues it is a weekly call with a Power Point and a narrator. Who knows maybe we will need to start that also. We will see what develops

Watch the videos below, read the additional notes. (I watch and take notes) Then ask yourself who could this help? What charities, funding projects, people who are struggling financially, the help that this can provide is limitless. What about helping those who have lost much from an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire and other such events?

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3Overview - Rewards explained at 46:00 minutes

12 level Commission Referral Reward explained starting at 46:00 minuites of Video 3 above


Note: the 40% return on your purchase is not affected by your referral rewards compensation. Those are 2 separate items. You receive 40% on your BTC purchase and 35% on 12 levels with your qualifying purchase. Level 1 referral reward is 10% given to you without cost or obligation. That 10% is like a gift for your efforts.


43 months ago he contacted 31 people, 11 registered, now has 100,000 in group

5Overview of the Program and how you are rewarded – for the Tech Head's

6How to set up your account and purchase Bit Packs

Bit Packs

Example of what happened with the Tuesday evening presenter on his initial purchase of 20 BTC’s You are paid 1% every day on your packs. Did you get that? You are paid every single day! This is compounding and High Velocity of $$, AKA High Frequency Trading that you can now do what the 95% have kept secret. And you don’t even need to make an initial purchase. Just register, get your link to your friends and send them this presentation.

Those 59 BTC’s means he can rebuy 1 new pack every day. 4 months later: He is able to purchase around 22 packs per day on just 25 people with just 9 purchasing and those 25 brought in 709…What are you waiting for?

Compounding the BTC's: When you are compounding by getting additional BTC’s your account will grow much faster. With 2 BTC’s = $108/eu, then in 29 days you can get 1 more BTC. 2 BTC’s at 1% in 29 days = $58/eu. 1 BTC is $54/eu. You now have 3 BTC’s. That means in just 18 days you can get another BTC, so now you have 4 BTC’s and in 14 days you can get another BTC. With 5 BTC’s, in 11 days get another BTC..Compounding = reduced days to get BTC’s.

The Inventer

Informal interview. A little hard to hear so we took notes.

Started working in Industrial Security. Was ready to retire then met someone who had a 12 yr history of trading with ForeX software and decided it was time to bring it to the public area. Added the BTC's. Opened in 60 countries 1 yr ago with 10,000 now joining daily. Will have new software product, launching 10.28.17. Adapting ForeX software to the other markets [Having both ends of the markets is a hedge to both, so no matter what occurs and you are in both, you will win]

Along with your 20 BTC's...What if in the meantime you are receiving your commission on the 12 levels below you. You could put that into the BTC's. What if you could have enough returning to you daily on several packs at 1%. As the packs increase that means that your 140 days diminish down to a few days and you can purchase more packs. Some are creating packs every few days. Some are taking out funds daily and also putting a portion back into BTC's daily. That is called compounding and “Velocity of $$”, also High Frequency Trading. This is what the 95% have been doing all along and have not told you.

7More from Andy – why Euro's

How to participate in the ForeX side: When you are ready, you purchase a license at $600.00. It is a robot that trades FOREX currencies. You can set the software that comes with the license up as to what works for you. This license is for Lifetime and any upgrades are included. The founders suggest that you do not have all of your funds in one basket. Real World Currencies (ForeX trading) are not going away any time soon.

You can set the Licensed Software on autopilot with trading parameters that you set. To participate in the ForeX trading you are required to put in $1000/USD. You can start with a small amount to learn what the software does. As you build up your return you can keep it or put it back in to trade. Conservatively that is 3% to 10% a month. Are you getting that from your Bank? Wells Fargo is offering .01% on savings that is 1/100 of a percent. If you put in $1.00 and do the math it will take 7200 years to double that $1.00!!!

During a year of this FOREX trading, somehow that 3% to 10% ends up returning 470% per year. I don't understand that. Michael does and he says it makes sense to him. It will likely make sense to those who understand the Currency Trading Markets. Michael is numbers guy and Statistical Process Methods expert. He wrote a book on Statistical Process Methods, which is now out of print. Got Questions?

With your qualifying purchase you receive 35% referral rewards. Remember your level 1 of 10% referral reward does not require any purchase. How can they give 35%? Trading takes place 24/7. The markets only trade for 8 hours 5 days a week with your funds. With 24/7 trading they have the another 16 hours of the day and 48 hours of the weekend. That means they have 128 extra hours in the week for trading as your trading week is 40 hrs. So paying you on 12 levels to increase their trading base is a very good investment for them through you. This is Win Win Win.

When the BTC side was offered it just exploded with participation because it is only $54/eu (approx $65.00/USD). With the ForeX requiring $1600.00/USD to participate ($600.00 license and $1000.00 deposit to trade) you can now understand why the BTC's are much more popular.

More information on your 12 level referral rewards...What if on level 5 there is nothing happening? Any level that is inactive is compressed so you have 12 actual levels of rewards. When level 5 becomes active then it is restored. They did not have to do that. It was decision they made which very few companies I know of offer. That is just one example of how they want you to be very, very happy choosing to participate in what they offer

As for myself, I like the BTC's. They are beautiful in their simplicity ($54.00/eu) and magnificent in their function (40% return and 35% referral rewards). Who do you know that could be helped with such a generous reward?

8Your Dashboard explained

9How to purchase BTC packs

We registered for our Free Account and here is the Back Office Dashboard: This is to show you that it is entirely free and you can explore the menu options on the left.


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We will have a local event (Portland, OR - Vancouver, Wa) with the Founders possibly on Thanksgiving Weekend, maybe. If we can get all of the logistics arranged for large attendance. Will put an announcement on the Home Page when that is finalized. Go to: News

Faith Dominoe,

The BitMore Cash Group

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